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My personal record of how my life is. I will look back one day and say, "I really said some dumb shit".

    Imogen, my tags are for you.

    I remember this one time when I had the most awful day, and I felt so terrible and sad. I just cuddled Jeremy and cried and cried, until I’d pretty much soaked his t-shirt.

    When I was done and finally caught my breath, I went and had a shower. And Jeremy joined me.

    We just stood there underneath the water, and it felt nice. He looked at me, and no words can ever really do justice to the way I feel when he looks at me like that sometimes. It’s just about the best feeling I can imagine.

    I do what I always do and let the water fall into my mouth and I spit it out. Then Jeremy says to me, “Tell me something shocking.” He fills his mouth with water, so much that his cheeks start to puff out. I then tell him the most obvious shocking thought any teenage girl could say to her boyfriend.

    "Jeremy, I’m pregnant."

    And with that, he spat the water out all over the glass of the shower. And it made me laugh. An honest to God, belly rumbling laugh.

    "Tell me something else shocking."

    "Jeremy, it’s not yours." 

    And we laughed and spat water and told each other ridiculous shocking things. It’s probably the most fun I’ve had in a very long time. 

    It made me realise how alike he and I really are, and how amazing it is to have him as my best friend. Plus, it is nice to have someone around who is always able to make me smile and feel happier when I’m so upset and frustrated. He just gets me. That’s it.

    It sounds silly and cliche but if you ever find someone who makes you feel like that then you know that you have something golden and you have to keep a hold of it.


    ps, The baby isn’t his.

    pps, There isn’t an actual baby in my uterus.

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