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    The Fault in Our Stars

    I read the John Green best-seller, and I can honestly say, this is one of my most favourite stories of all time.

    Let me first start off by saying how sweet it ended.

    I had an epub version, so I’m not sure if it’s exactly same because people might have fudged around with it. But I loved how it had ended with Augustus’ eulogy for Hazel. It was so sweet and beautiful and sad.

    It made me sad to think about the whole cancer dilemma because it is a subject I care about deeply. And I think that’s one reason why I loved the book so much. I’ve known many people, even a few kids my age, who have suffered from cancer and fought a long and tiresome battle. So from that point of view, I think John Green encapsulated those feelings that are often common to people who live with cancer.

    Another thing I loved so much was Hazel Grace’s voice. It was still intelligent like many of Green’s other characters, but there was something a little bit different about it. I think is was mostly her humour, which made me feel bad for her and also happy for her. That she can still make jokes and poke fun made me feel like she really is still just a teenage girl. She just happens to be a side effect of the universe basically.

    AND ONE MORE THING I loved was how Van Houten was pretty much an asshole during most of the book. But it was in the end when I understood his pain and why he was the way he was and it made me feel like Hazel gave him a reality check and maybe, just maybe, he could get better. It gave me hope knowing that Hazel was hard on him and that he seemed to have seen a glimpse of the error of his ways. IT sounds gay or whatever, but it’s true.

    I love books. I love the way books make me think and feel. And this particular book had made me feel so special and unspecial at the same time. It made me realise there really are children like this, my age and younger. And it also made me realise I have a precious gift: the ability to live.

    Even though this will float around in the web-universe for God knows how long and only a few people will read this, I just wanted to thank John Green. Because I know someone somewhere who suffered like the people in this book appreciates the work he’s done. I haven’t lost an immediate loved one due to it, but I’ve seen it, and I cannot possibly imagine the pain.

    Thank-you John, for showing me that the universe just wants to get noticed. And that I want the universe to notice me.

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