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    The Day Before Valentine’s Day

    I’ve never really been one for Valentine’s Day, because I think that if you love someone, you should be able to show them every day and any day of the year just how much they mean to you.

    So Jeremy and I decided we weren’t going to make a thing of it this year. Which is funny because Tuesday night is our date night and V-Day just happened to fall on a Tuesday. Go figure.

    Anyway, I had spent all Monday in a car driving home from the Gold Coast because I went to pick up my new little pug puppy Kitara. And Jeremy had text me saying that he ordered something for me for Monday, because we weren’t doing Valentine’s. I didn’t believe him because he always tries to trick me with silly little things he says.

    When I got home, I saw he had a huge teddy bear and two roses for me waiting on our bed.

    For me, it was perfect.

    It was nice because it was after an extremely long day and I only had 2 hours of sleep and Jeremy just means so much to me so when he does something out of the ordinary, it shows I mean something special to him too.

    I’m only writing this now because I miss him so much. After five and a bit weeks together full-time, it is always hard for him to go back to work.

    I don’t think he realises it, and he will now becaues he’s read this, just how much I love having him in my life.

    You’re someone special Jeremy. I’d never thought I’d ever find a boy who likes me and loves me at the same time. Or a boy who I can be silly and muck around with but one who also takes me out on date night and sometimes can make me feel so beautiful and sexy and just awesome.

    I love you Jeremy, quite a lot. Don’t you be forgetting that any time soon xox

    — 2 years ago
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