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My personal record of how my life is. I will look back one day and say, "I really said some dumb shit".

    A Year Ago Today…

    Exactly to the day, last year I wrote a  post about how much had happened to me in the year 2010; how it was my first year out of high school and in university, how I met some wonderful people and how I met my lovely Jeremy.

    So I thought I would a recap of 2011. Not so much for you guys, but mostly for me, so that this time next year, I can do it again.

    This year was such a huge change, even bigger than the last I think. I moved out of home into an apartment with Jeremy (who I had only been seeing for a few short months) and the girl I mentioned in the post last year. Let’s just say we are no longer friends.

    Despite having lived my life with Jeremy and my friends and family, this year has been very rough.

    In March was when things started going down hill for me. I had an epileptic seizure when I was watching a lumbar punction being performed at work. They thought I fainted, but honestly, I have never ever been afraid of needles or blood. Because of this, my doctor and my employers said it would be better for me to not go back to work until I have seen a neurologist to begin treating me.

    And with that, came losing my cadetship which was $800 a fortnight which paid for my rent, phone bill, internet, food, fuel and university textbooks (which are not cheap!).

    So I was in the shitter for a very long time. My parents were paying my rent and Jeremy was being wonderful and paying for everything. Then our housemate decided to just leave us for her new boyfriend, so that made it harder again.

    Not to mention because of the stress of losing my job, having epilepsy, not having money to live and searching for a new job, my grades at university began to slip. And to me, that’s the worst thing about this whole situation.

    I hate myself for letting that happen. I was never going to have a boyfriend or move out of home until I had graduated from university and had a steady full-time job. But there I was, doing the things I never expected to do.

    But here’s the thing: I learnt from it.

    It wasn’t a mistake living with Jeremy, oh hell no. Living together was actually one of his most wonderful ideas ever (includes Valentine’s Day, adding me on Facebook and asking me to Mini Golf). The mistake was trusting someone I wasn’t in love with.

    I am never sharing a house with another girl again. Or a couple. EVER.

    But in July things got better. I finally got a job and in August, Jeremy and I moved to live with my parents. It sounds incredibly stupid, but it’s just until I can save up some money to be able to live on our own. I can’t burden Jeremy again. I won’t.

    And this semester at university, I actually studied my bum off. I failed one subject early in the semester, and I kicked myself shitless because of it. But it’s alright. I worked super hard to redeem myself, and with my final exam done and dusted this morning, I feel peaceful.

    I really did pull my head in, and I can feel it paying off.

    All in all, this was the best and worst year of my life to date. Which is silly because I bet I will say it about every year from now on.

    My brother and mother are depressed, I get all the donuts I want for free, my dad lives on some island with crazy violent people, I learnt how to make coffee, I found out who my real friends are, I had my first ever Valentine’s Day date, my lovely dog passed away, I started to appreciate myself a little and I got to celebrate a year with my boyfieeeee Jem.

    I couldn’t have survived anything that happened to me without Jeremy by my side.

    It’s been twelve months since I wrote my initial post, and I tell you what, I’m still just as crazy about J-Wal as I was then ♥


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